City : Fuzhou, Fujian province, China
Program Cost : Rs. 8 Lacs
Suitability : BMS / B.Sc. / Engineering Graduates
Intake : June (Spring) & Sept (Autumn)

Work Experience : Part of the program
Application Deadline : November & May
Internship : Compulsory
Scholarship : Up to 100% Scholarship

Classroom Training (Top Academician) 4 Months
Classroom Training (Industry Experts) 3 Months
Company Internship (Unpaid) 3 Months
Work Experience (Paid) 6 / 12 Months

The master’s degree program shall start with 2 semesters (6 months – split in 2 sessions) of classroom training by the top most academics in China. The industry has already shown faith in the quality of education and agreed to sponsor every student during the last phase of “WORK EXPERIENCE”. This goes on to tell you exactly how you would be treated by the professional world when you complete the program.

It is like PRE-SELECTED candidate for the employment if you enroll to Master’s program at NBS – New Huadau Business School.


The students have to go through an UNPAID internship as a part of the program for 3 months. The internship shall be at the industry as partnered by MOKSH. This is to ensure that you get a self experience and a peep into your first official job after completion of Master’s Degree program. You will get used to the company environment and understand the kind of expectations that the company has from you as an international intern.

This can be in any city of China as per the industry requirement.


The student shall have to work in a Chinese company with a stipend of RMB 3,000 (Generally sufficient to take care of the accommodation and the living cost per month) for minimum 1 semester and maximum of 2. The Master’s degree shall be given to the students on successful completion of the program including work experience.

This experience gives a great kick start to the career of the student even if he decides to come back to India since almost every Indian company would be looking for this special batch of students having unique knowledge base.


The program continues to offer you a high chances of Employment in a Chinese Company / Multinational Company since the work experience period was sponsored by the particular Industry. This experience will further boost your career in the International market since by 2014, China has surpassed even USA in the size of its economy. Today, the thriving international business in China will give you a deep insight into its strategies which would become a unique talent & would be sought after by many companies around the world, including India!

The university has a Career Development cell (CDC) which looks after the Post degree employment opportunities for the students. Since the student already have the basic knowledge of Chinese language and culture apart from an experience of working in a company, they stand to have a chance to pass through the interviews conducted by the Chinese companies.

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