City : Beijing & Shanghai
University : NBS
Program Cost : Rs. 250,000
Suitability : TOP MBA Schools Only

Age Group : 21 Years
Departure : June - July
Internship : MNC
Scholarship : Available


This is an extremely serious Internship designed by Nobel Prize winner in Economics – Dr. Edmund Phelps and conducted by top academicians from World ranked Universities as well as CEO from Chinese industries to train the students. It is designed to give you the Global view on business with particular focus on Chinese philosophy, challenges and perspective. That is why is involves industry immersion at 2 levels such as at CEO level and live project internship in a company. You would be thrown a problem being faced by MNC situated in China and asked to work out a solution utilizing latest management tools.


The program has lots of fun filled events throughout your stay at the University.

  • University orientation
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Calligraphy and Pizza Parties
  • Cultural Exchange day with dance competitions
  • City Sightseeing Tour at Beijing and Shanghai
  • The program always ends with the Certification ceremony!

You would always feel like extending the stay there!


This program specially designed for MBA students from Top Schools across the world will bring maturity to the student participant on the completion. It would give the confidence and the understanding of the Chinese business system while mentoring by CEO would enhance your insight to the working of the Chinese MNC. . The internship allows the student to know the current management techniques and the working environment prevailing in Chinese corporate world.

The adventurism, open mind and acceptance of different cultures would be constantly imbibed into your mind giving a different look at the end!


  • Consulting internship experience in Chinese MNC
  • Intensive practical training in Chinese language and etiquette
  • Case studies on Chinese Management Characteristics and internationalization strategies
  • Sharper leadership skills through frameworks, tools and research
  • Readymade Chinese business network
  • Holistic and global approach to Chinese business
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