City : Malaga, Madrid, Bogato
Program Cost : Rs. 99,000 onward
Suitability : Arts & Commerce

Age Group : 17-20 Years

Departure : April - July
Internship : No.

Starter Program 1 Week
Exposure Program 2 Weeks

The Certified program has been designed with basic learning of Spanish Language program (3rd largest spoken language by more than 550 Million people around the world!) with 26 hours of learning as its core study program. The best Spanish teachers with minimum experience of 10 years to teach the International students would be trying their best to make you understand basic secrets of the Spanish Language with a sole challenge to make you speak the basics!

But that’s not enough to know Spain. You must learn the culture of this country which has enchanted the world for the last many centuries. Make friends coming from many countries on the campus who would like to learn English from you while they would be more than eager to teach you their culture and country positions!

2. FUN

The program has lots of fun filled events throughout your stay at the University.

  • University orientation

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Weekend Party

  • Cultural Exchange day with dance competitions

  • City Sightseeing Tour

  • The program always ends with the Certification ceremony!


However, the parents will ask worth for every penny that they spend for you for this wonderful trip. What exactly did you get?

The program has been designed to create a confidence and team leadership when you interact with other international students on the campus. The insight to a new culture shall open the students mind to the world. You will become broad minded and open to accept other culture more easily. Imagine, you make one such trip during your graduation period every year to different continent at a low cost, it is like a WORLD TOUR by the time you graduate. You would also see your destiny with a much larger picture for the Post Graduate program after going through various countries!