City : Koblenz / Celle
Program Cost : Rs. 129,000 onward
Suitability : Arts and Management

Age Group : 18-21 Years

Departure : April - July
Internship : Available

Starter Program 1 Week
Exposure Program 2 Weeks

The 2 programs have been designed so that you do not forget that you came all the way to Germany not only for Fun but also learning. In case, you have decided to make Germany as your destination for the professional career, you will really be lucky to be on this trip. It is simply going to help you finalize the decision after self experience the potential of studying in this great country.

If you are thinking to carry out your Post Graduate program in management area in Germany, or if you are already doing your MBA in India, its time to do Internship in German company!

2. FUN

The program has lots of fun filled events throughout your stay at the University.

  • University orientation

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Weekend Party

  • Cultural Exchange day with dance competitions

  • City Sightseeing Tour

  • Indo-German language exchange corner with local students

  • The program always ends with the Certification ceremony!

You would always feel like extending the stay there!


Each of the programs designed will bring maturity to the student participant on the completion. Starter gives the confidence and the understanding of the European education system while Exposure gives deep insight into language and culture of the country apart from understanding the youth mindset. The internship allows the student to know the current management techniques and the working environment prevailing in German corporate world.

The adventurism, open mind and acceptance of different cultures would be constantly imbibed into your mind giving a different look at the end!