1. How is it different than a normal holiday abroad with the parents?

NEED OF THE TEENAGER: Going abroad with parents and going out with friends is a completely different experience for a teenager. The summer program has been carefully designed by keeping in minds the need for the independence sought by the teenager with caution to ensure complete safety under supervision of MOKSH staff supported equally by the Host University guidelines abroad.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Today going out to Europe for 2 weeks would cost around Rs. 2.50 Lac per person for a 2 week holiday. Within the same budget, if the student learns the local language, understands the local culture and do not miss the Sightseeing opportunities, it could really be worth much more! What is the priority of a student? Is it staying at a star category hotel accompanied by parents or going to the same destination with friends and stay within University premises?

PACKAGED TOUR Vs. SUMMER PROGRAM: The packaged tour is a rush-rush one and is designed to make sure that the parent do not miss anything within a short time period. Summer program is more relaxed and customize to suit the minds of the student. For example, the student who is not interested in Museum would have to go through the process in a packaged tour. So after all, its not about only cost but is it you really wish to do during your stay abroad?

2. How will I benefit from this?

ADVENTURISM AND CONFIDENCE: The world is changing constantly. People from western countries have shown great ambitions and adventurism. They are much more exposed since young age and have grown to be highly competitive and confident. Also, the multinational culture and global economic situation is forcing the young students to explore the world of opportunities lying outside India.

SELF EXPERIENCE: MOKSH has designed programs in various continents for the students to go through 4 continents and at least 10 countries to choose from wherein the students would be able to self experience the living for a short summer program.

GLOBAL INTERNSHIPS: Further, there is a chance for few early birds to participate in Global Internship (Not paid but recommended for experience) programs for enhancing their skills and ultimate Resume.

SELECTION OF PG PROGRAMS: This exposure is also expected to help them to select the right country, best university with full knowledge to complete their Masters or Doctoral programs abroad.

INDEPENDENCE & LEADERSHIP: The trip would complete the teenagers self testing of independent living capability as well as going out with friends and competing with the international students would help gain Leadership qualities among the students.

3. Where will the student stay?

The students would generally be staying at the hostel / dormitory of the University. Generally, this hostel comprises of the International students. The rooms will be well furnished with Air-conditioner / Heater, Shelf, Clean bed and a study table.

Each room shall be of the size of around 250 Sq. ft area for Double occupancy and 300 Sq. Ft for the triple occupancy. In some countries such as France, a reliable and secured home stay shall be provided for a short term study program.

4. What is the arrangement for the Food?

Generally, the costs mentioned includes the local food which has combination of Veg and Non-Veg items served in the University canteen or at the kitchen of the home stay service provider.

5. Can we get Vegetarian or Jain food in these Universities?

MOKSH is in a position to have a batch with all Vegetarian students and is capable of providing Indian Jain / All pure Veg food throughout the summer camp at a special request.

This service would be possible at an extra cost to the individual students.

6. What is their general daily routine?

The daily life during the stay at Destination University would involve many routines such as:

  • Morning language classes

  • Afternoon Cultural insights and learning such as Dance

  • Evening local visit to City spots / Language exchange program with local students

  • Weekend sightseeing within / vicinity of the city

  • Saturday night parties organized within campus for the students

  • Post completion of minimum of 26 hours of intensive language learning, one can choose to understand the local economic situation, historical evolvement of the country and educational system and opportunities in that country.

7. Which are the International Universities tied up with MOKSH?

MOKSH is very choosy on the Universities selected due to

8. Who will escort the students?

  • All our batches are escorted by a person experienced on travel and known to the local environment from MOKSH who would be responsible for taking care of the students throughout their summer program.
  • The coordination with the University during their stay and local sightseeing is also organized under the leadership of the Escort of MOKSH.

9. How many students generally form a batch?

  • Generally, the batch consists of 15 students with minimum of 10 students and maximum of 20 students.
  • There is also a possibility of creating “All Girls Batch” for the students to join, if they prefer so!

10. When are the departure dates?

India’s largest and oldest Travel house namely ORBIT TRAVELS will take care of Visa applications, Air Ticketing and other local tickets as well as landing arrangements such as pick up and drop to the Airport on arrival and departure.

11. How safe is it? Who is responsible?

  • The programs are extremely safe and secured. The stay is within the University campus in most of the cases. The Universities selected are ranked in the world with students presence of more than 20,000 on every campus.
  • MOKSH already has its representative offices in China and Russia for local support. ORBIT has its support offices in Germany and Dubai.
  • Every tour conducted would have an escort with the students to ensure disciplined implementation of the whole program.

12. Who will take care of Travel arrangements such as Ticket, Visa and landing arrangements?

Please check the website www.mciindia.org and check the list of Eligible Universities where Indian students can study and on return, can give the Screening Test. On appearance of Screening Test and allow successful candidates to register with them to practice in India. You can also download the list of approved Chinese Universities from here. (Download a Excel file)

13. Can the parent go along with the Child?

This generally defeats the purpose of the whole program. The Indian students at the age of 17 years needs independence and look for company of their friends. Accordingly, it is not advisable to avoid accompanying the student. However, if required, we will arrange for the trip to the same city in the same time wherein parents can holiday (but not stay with the child within University campus).

14. How much does it cost generally?

There are variety of programs in different countries with choice of 1 to 8 weeks. The total cost is generally divided into 2 parts:

Course (MOKSH) and Travel (ORBIT)

  • The travel cost varies from Rs. 60,000 (China / Russia) to Rs. 80,000 to France / Spain and Rs. 100,000 (USA).
  • The course cost including accommodation and meals related with the University generally varies from Rs. 60,000 for 1 week in China to Rs. 250,000 for 4 weeks in USA. There are additives in costs such as special Internship or educational guidance session or even mentoring sessions in USA by Harvard professors! So it will all depend on your final selection!

15. What does the cost include and excludes? Is there any hidden cost?

The cost includes everything such as:

  • Visa application fees to the consulate
  • Air Tickets
  • Accommodation on twin / triple sharing on or off campus
  • All meals including breakfast
  • Course amount at the University
  • Local sightseeing and weekend parties
  • Any Railway train tickets, if required.
  • Pick up and drop to the Airport Basically, there are no hidden costs involved in the package offered to you. The extra would be:
  • Personal expenses such as Shopping
  • Entry fees to the theme parks / local sightseeing spots / amusement parks / Museum etc. , if part of the program

16. How much money should the student carry during the MOKSH summer program?

Since everything is included, it is suggested that the students need to have no more than US$ 200 with them for entry fees, if required anywhere.

The shopping expenses are to the personal taste and choice.

Please inquire with MOKSH on how to win SHOPPING VOUCHERS worth up to Rs. 50,000. Many students avail of this extra benefits smartly and make their summer program life time memorable!

17. When can I register for the Program? Do I have to pay anything at the time of registration?

  • Generally, the batch size is 15-20 maximum and it is advisable to register your seat by December for the April batch or register in Jan for May batch.
  • Yes, you have to pay the registration amount as per the registration form to be signed by you. Generally it 25% of the total cost since we have to block the rooms for the hostel accommodation.
  • Next installment of 50% is to be paid at the time of buying air ticket.
  • The final balance amount of Rs. 25% needs to be paid once the Visa has been issued.

Early registrations are always with lower prices since the airfare go very high for the last minute students. So plan it well in advance and you would love to see the Savings!

18. What if I cancel after registration?

  • The standard cancelation policy of the company is to return 90% amount paid if the booking is cancelled within 90 days of departure or 50% amount if it is cancelled within 50 days and finally 25% of the paid amount is returned in case the booking is cancelled within 25 days from the date of departure.
  • No money would be returned in case the booking is cancelled just 7 days before departure.

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