Hi Students,

If you are 16 years, it’s time to plan to know and experience the world! Till now it’s been holidays in India and abroad with your parents with a packaged tour with fixed spots and no choice for you to have your own say.

You will stay at a World Ranked University and interact with local students. Make new friends. The summer can be full of activities in various countries as well –Skiing in Swiss, Wine tasting in France, Basket ball in USA or learning Salsa in Spain apart from Debates, Table tennis competition in China, Educational Workshops etc. with the international students on campus.

Lastly, for graduate students from BMS or current students from Engineering and MBA, we have global internship programs allowing you to get insight of working environment and be a part of project execution team (without pay) for 1-3 month!

Come and let us explore the world. Learn, Fun and Mature!

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